My wife, daughter, son, and I live in Baltimore; I love my family life. I earned a Bachelor's of Science in Communication, concentrated in Public Relations and minored in Marketing from Radford University. (Go Highlanders!)

I love to write and truly relish the creative process. Congruously, I'd like to thank my wife for her support with my pursuit of a writing career. Her support has meant everything to me! Creativity is such a fun and satisfying task; I love reading, writing, and watching all of the things involved in making amazing novels, TV shows, movies, radio, comic books, games, and commercials.

I like to blog about my life as a parent and the geek world.  I am a Contributor for Fanbase Press, and have a Featured Series, Geeky Parent Guide, geared toward helping parents navigate the geeky pop culture world with their kids.

I grew up on Star Trek: The Next Generation (show and books), alternative rock, comic books, some video and board games, the occasional sci-fi book, and sports.  As I've gotten older and read more books, I've transitioned my desire from writing poetry and songs to novels, short fiction, and other creative writing opportunities.

Recent Personal Highlights:

Playing with the kiddos by being "sharp tooth"
Moving into new home last summer
Catching up on some of the comic book world - Giant Days, Love is Love, Vampire Hunter D #1, and many more
Becoming a Contributor for Fanbase Press and creating a resource for parents with GPG