Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Few Fantastic Things to Share

It's been a very exciting summer. I'd like to take a bloggortunity to share the things I found exciting over the past month as the summer ended. I normally save the best for last, but not in this case; I'll talk about our Baby Owl.  She is big and she is almost here.

We have gotten the baby's room completely ready; the crib, shelves, wall decals, the alphabet hanging on the wall, and any other thing necessary for the room.  We've taken weekly pictures to show the changes, which is pretty amazing to see throughout the entire term.  There's another month before the due date, but we are wondering if she'll wait that long.  We were able to receive several 3D photos of her and let's just say that one of us referred to her as a baby sumo wrestler.  I'm never one to point fingers...so how about I use arrows?  me >>> wife

On a different side of exciting, I'd like to share some other things that have made this past month a great one.   I went to my first Comic Con. It was AMAZING! There were so many fantastic things to see.  The staff was extremely friendly and helpful.  They also weren't afraid to get a little dressed up.  The wide array of costumes was definitely worth the price of admission alone.  There were some really fantastic outfits that were put together.  It was so cool to see strangers so willing to ask each other for photographs with one another, because one thought the other's costume was spectacular.  Also, I am really glad to have spent a little money to purchase my first comic books since I was a teenager.  As for Comic Con, my first experience was here in Baltimore and I'm already looking forward to next year's...or one in another city much sooner.  I will definitely go again.

Connected to this event, I was very fortunate to have been allowed to join in a photograph with friends.  This particular photograph is very cool, because it includes Stan Lee.  I can't tell you how great it was to get a picture taken with the legend.  I was also wearing a particular t-shirt, which means that Stan Lee and @STLakata are in the same picture together.  I'd like to thank a particular individual for making this happen. You know who you are...THANK YOU!

Next, I'm excited about a particular person following me on Twitter and Google+.  Yes, this means that I'm easy to please, but it's REALLY awesome none-the-less.  I am speaking about the great author, James Rollins.  How cool is that?  One of my favorite authors follows me.  I think that's something to be happy about, which is why I'm sharing.  THANK YOU for the follow!

Here comes a Twitter/Blog mention. THANK YOU to everyone involved with #GUTGAA. There are so many talented writers out there and it's been great getting to know so many of them.  I am really enjoying the event and look forward to sharing more tweets or comments.  This includes the conversations that have nothing to do with writing, but are absolutely dessert specific.  If you start talking about ice cream, lava cake, brownies, pumpkin bars, frosting, or anything slightly related to that, there's a good chance that I've joined the conversation or lost all other thoughts beyond the realm of food.

Does anyone like gaming? I've really enjoyed watching TableTop by Geek & Sundry. Wil Wheaton hosts this show and it is so fun. It reminds me of how much I enjoy board games and how I'd love to play them more often.  This is a fantastic show and I encourage everyone to take a moment to stop by and check all of the entertainment they provide.  I'm fairly new to Geek & Sundry and I'm currently enjoying The Flog.  You can also subscribe to their YouTube for all of their video updates.

Lastly, I've completed part two in The Weiland Kershaw Series.  I released book one last year and will be releasing the second one on 9/30/12.  I mention this for one reason in particular.  I am so thankful for the wonderful family and friends I have.  There have been so many individuals that have given so many encouraging words of support during the entire process.  It definitely makes the process easier when there are so many others that are so happy for my own success.  I want to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE that has been so enthusiastic and kind during the beginning of my writing career.

The end of summer had a lot of great things, and the beginning of fall will surely add some more excitement into our lives.  I'm certain my wife will THANK our baby if she arrives a little early.

Monday, September 3, 2012

GUTGAA: Meet and Greet

Where do you write?
It varies. I write in bed or in the living room. I've even written during my lunch periods at work.

Quick. Go to your writing space, sit down and look to your left. What is the first thing you see?
It's the September issue of Baltimore Magazine on my bedside table.

Favorite time to write?
I'd probably have to say during the afternoon on the weekend. Actually, during the afternoon on any day, since I've had a lot of productive lunches before.

Drink of choice while writing?
I always have ice water with me. I drink a lot of water.

When writing, do you listen to music or do you need complete silence?
It can vary, but I usually have something turned on for background noise. It's usually the TV on a low volume, but no show in particular.

What was your inspiration for your latest manuscript and where did you find it?
I'm about to publish my second book, which is part two in a series.  I guess my inspiration has come from the amount of reading I've done over the past few years.  Working for a university definitely had a nice perk of checking out a lot of books out from its library.  I'd written poetry, short stories, and songs in the past, but it wasn't until I had read so many great stories that it made me realize how much I always wanted to write books.  I loved the idea of creating a work of dystopian fiction.  I self published part one in November 2011.

What's your most valuable writing tip?
Try to think of something unique. It can be a character's name or personality, plot, location, or whatever.  Let the unique guide your story.

S. T. Lakata
Married; June 2011
I left my old job with Radford University, moved to Baltimore, and got married.  My wife and I have been seeing each other since October 2008.  We're expecting our first baby around mid-October.  It's going to be a girl and her nickname is "baby owl."

I really enjoy to run when I can, listen to music, try new foods, and seeing friends and family. I would love to eventually be a full-time writer and have that be my career.  I'm really excited about being a father.  I'm happy and can't wait to meet her.

I'll be happy to answer any other questions and I'm available on other social media outlets.
Twitter - @STLakata
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AuthorSTLakata
Google+ - S. T. Lakata
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