Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Share Your Projects & Let's Spread the Word

If you're a writer and want to share your projects, sound off in the comments. Let's start a positive step forward into the fall season as we all try to find our footing where we create fictional worlds, what they look like, and the people who walk around in it.

Heck, if you're an artist or any creator and want to share your works, share your works in the comments and maybe we can spread the creative wealth among each other and hope our efforts help us in a time when making money is increasingly important as costs continue to rise.

Yes, I love the writing craft, but earning any significant amount of money feels too few and far between. It's not easy dealing with that feeling of not being a positive contributor (financially) to the family or not receiving a lot of feedback in reviews or whatever it might be that makes this path in life so challenging. In saying that, and understanding that feeling, I would love to find a way to lift others up.

I love seeing other people succeed. Not only do I love seeing my friends exuberance along with their successes, those successes keep me encouraged to continue my own efforts. If you're looking to pump up your own projects, share them in the comments below - or spread the word where you find yourself online.

I hope everyone is doing well and good luck with all the projects you're adventuring into currently.

Thanks, friends.