Tuesday, August 14, 2012

30 Weeks and Counting

My wife is 30 weeks pregnant as of Sunday. She and the baby are doing well (knock on wood) and we are really looking forward to meeting our "baby owl."  Now, the nickname of our baby is for two reasons.  First, we're not letting anyone know what our baby's name will be until she's here.  Second, Meghan's dad said that she looked like an owl after looking at the first ultrasound picture and to be fair, her eyes were very big and had an owl-like quality to them.  We both have been doing whatever we can to be prepared for her after she's delivered.  We already painted the baby room last summer.  We went with a neutral color, which did make it easier since we knew that we'd be trying after we got married.  We have dressers, a glider chair, a book case, and a baby step stool in the room.  We also have wooden letters for the alphabet and decals on the wall to help make the room cozier for her.

I am very excited for baby owl to get here.  I have an idea of what to expect, but know that everyone of those notions will change once she does arrive.  There are some things that I find stressful, but this is something that I'm not crazy about...yet.  I do admit that I will be very protective of her, especially when the dating aspect comes into her life.  I sometimes imagine the scene in Bad Boys 2, but maybe not that extreme.  If you've seen the movie you know what I'm talking about.  I am looking forward to one thing.  I can't wait to sit down with my feet kicked up with the TV on and have my baby resting on me.

Meghan has been so wonderful throughout this entire pregnancy.  She's been making clothes, diapers, baby wipes, hats, a nursing cover, and flowers to accessorize.  There have been a few days of major discomfort for her, but she's been amazingly tough throughout this entire process.  I try to ease her pain with massages wherever she's in pain, but it's frustrating when we both know that sometimes it's not much help.  Also, she's taken classes to get 30 credits beyond her Master's degree this summer.  How awesome is that?  She's so excited for her daughter to arrive and it makes me so happy to see that on her face when she talks about her.      

We're both anxious for her to get here.  We're both ready to meet our daughter.  We can't wait.