Sunday, February 16, 2020

Join Along The Winey Parent Adventure

Hi, friends. Some of you may know, I haven't blogged often over the past few years on my site. I have been quite busy creating content elsewhere. One of those places is the Winey Parent. It's a parenting blog my wife and I created after I quit my full-time job about a year and a half ago. The whole point of our site, other than trying to make money through advertisements, is to create a resource for other parents.

Maybe our own tales of parenting, including our highs and lows, will somehow give you strength, understanding, or a laugh here or there. Meghan and I provide snapshots into our lives, while also giving date night ideas, product reviews, parenting tips, gift guides, food and drink recipes, and a bunch of silly moments that make us smile. Hopefully, you will find some comfort or use from our content, and if you do, we ask that you share with your friends and family. Let them know that you like the Winey Parent, and that they can even get their own WP gear (like pictures below).


So, for everyone who follows my blog, thank you for continuing to do so, despite my lack of extensive blogging here over the past few years. If you have a chance, please head over to, follow our blog, check out our content, and then head over to our social media channels to follow us there. I would greatly appreciate the support, especially if any parts of our content is useful in any way.

Thanks again. Talk to everyone soon.