Monday, January 12, 2015

To My Wife

Many of you don't know my wife. I was thinking about Meghan at work today and how I want to write about her; I guess sometimes I like to do that.

We celebrated her birthday this past weekend and it was a lot of fun. There were friends and family over with good food, wine, champagne, and sangria. The kids had a lot of fun interacting with everyone. The Ravens were playing and that was a good thing too.

I guess I was just thinking about how happy it made me to see how happy she was this weekend. She really deserves more weekends like that. She is a wonderful mother. She works very hard. She spends time after the kids go down to do chores or make lunches for tomorrow. If there was a super hero in our family, it's safe to say she could have the letter on her chest; A is for awesome by the way.

I guess I wanted to write about her, because I wanted to tell you about her and how crazy I am about her. It's not something I do every day, but the amazing thing about her, she understands that when I normally write it's about fictional characters I've created in some dystopian world, or I'm blogging about our recent events with the kids, or because I'm excited about a comic book video from Amy Dallen, or an article from Bonnie Burton, or how I still can't believe that James Rollins follows me in the social media world; come on, that's so cool!

And the fact that she hasn't ever rolled her eyes or been bored with my interests and encourages my writing, despite the limited amount of time each of us has, she doesn't flinch. When I talk to my friends, I say, "Man, I'm so lucky." There is not a "but" coming at the end of that sentence. I don't have any sarcastic tone. I truly believe it.

I guess that's why from time to time, I like to tell my friends about how great my wife is and how much I love her, which I guess explains why I'm writing this today.

Babe, Happy Birthday! I love you. I'm glad you had an incredible time this weekend. You deserve many more.