Thursday, October 20, 2016

Halloween Costumes

So our daughter recently turned four years old, and probably since summer she's known what she wanted to be for Halloween - a princess. Big girl has her dress and she is ready to go. Now little guy decided on a different path, sort of. First he wanted to be a princess too. We were totally up for it until he got distracted by something else and "roared!" That being said, he's going to be a green dinosaur.

He turned two over the summer, so both kids are quite agile and I imagine keeping up with them will be a treat. Let's just say I need the exercise. We're in a new neighborhood (since July) and I cannot wait to have them to go trick-or-treating here. Apparently our neighborhood is a high traffic area for kids, so it'll be fun to see them interacting with the other kids. Hopefully we won't run out of candy once we get back to the house.

I don't have a costume for giving out candy, but I've had people suggest I dress to match. Is it possible to be half princess and dragon? I would totally do it! My favorite costume as a kid - I'd probably have to say ninja.

What were your favorite costumes as a kid? What do your kids want to be for Halloween?

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