Saturday, April 10, 2021

Nuclear Power #1 Is A Powerful Start

Nuclear Power
Writers: DesirĂ©e Proctor and Erica Harrell
Artist & Letterer: Lynne Yoshii
Ages: 18+

The moment I've been waiting for has arrived. I love dystopian fiction and Nuclear Power does not disappoint. This tragic look at a nuclear war depicts parts of the world as we see it now. The disillusionment of treating everyone equally is front and center. The fictional country has turned into a place where women are accosted for showing emotions, while those beyond the border wall are seen as a scary threat, despite not really knowing what's out there.

Nuclear Power drives home parallels from this fictional world to our own - and it's powerful, hammering home how damning and shameful such things exist in real life. Issue 1 is the first chapter in a six-part series and the wheels are spinning wildly as those within come face-to-face with those who have breached the walls. Not everything is what it seems and I'm already looking forward to Issue 2 in this series.

The artwork of Nuclear Power captures this altered world perfectly with reddish tones, mixed with shadowy figures and super powers that lets us know much more is to come. Wonderful facial expressions elevate tense or witty conversations, which provide balance with well-timed levity. I'm all aboard the Nuclear Power train and I can't wait to see where it takes me next!!

Nuclear Power #1 will be available on April 21, 2021 on Hoopla and ComiXology. Plus, there are perks to pre-ordering the trade paperback. Pre-order the entire trade paperback now, and if you do so by August 1, 2021, you'll receive "exclusive signed prints of the single issue covers, as well as an Issue #1 variant cover, signed by the creative team."

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