Thursday, July 29, 2021

Nuclear Power #4 And One Of The Greatest Covers Of All-Time

Nuclear Power #4
Writers: Desirée Proctor and Erica Harrell
Artist & Letterer: Lynne Yoshii
Ages: 18+

I love Nuclear Power. It's that simple. There are so many moments when a story comes along and you notice parallels within the real world and it can be startling. The creators of Nuclear Power do not disappoint in Issue 4 as intense sequences elevate the fact that consequences come at times, whether we're ready for them or not.

One of the reasons I love this series falls upon the shoulders of this beautifully illustrated cover. It's amazing. The scene; flames, sparks flying, and her screams belting out into the world, pain weeping down her face. On a more personal note, this cover is how I feel on the inside. As soon as I initially saw it, I felt it.

It's not easy to discuss my emotions, but this cover depicts my swirling mass of feelings in a way that I can admit unapologetically that this is me. It is rare for me to see something and have such a profound connection to it. That's the magic of the comic book medium, and after the past year and a half of a pandemic and the despair of everything wrong with the world, this cover, and this story, are brilliant.

I highly encourage everyone to take a look at this series. 

Nuclear Power #4 is available on Hoopla and ComiXology. Plus, there are perks to pre-ordering the trade paperback. Pre-order the entire trade paperback now, and if you do so by August 1, 2021, you'll receive "exclusive signed prints of the single issue covers, as well as an Issue #1 variant cover, signed by the creative team."

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