Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Band that Rocks

Sometimes, just sometimes, you hear a song from a band that wows you.  You listen to this song, then you immediately want to find more songs from this band, and then before you know it you've found a new favorite band.  This has recently happened to me and now I'll share a little blurb about this band.

Zander Bleck is the band that you will soon learn is a dynamic star that will explode from country to country with its sound.  It’s a sound that we haven’t heard in some time, yet we’ll question if we’ve ever heard it before.  Zander Bleck infuses a great beat, guitar riffs that activate the chorus and vocals that urge you to listen, which is quite evident in their hit song “Temptation."

This band may be compared to other bands and maybe you can hear a sound that includes a contemporary sound of Muse and a flash of Queen, but Zander Bleck is just beginning on a journey that will define an era that music fans will not be able to ignore.  The sound is epoch and it’s what we’ve been waiting for to soothe our hearts when all we want is to completely immerse ourselves in great music.

I hope you enjoy.

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