Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Height and Weight

I don't know what to say to those individuals that want to get married and they can't.  It would devastate me to know that my state or my country would tell me that I couldn't marry the one that I love.  It bothers me deeply that such laws can be created to prevent people the right to do something that others are allowed to do.  This isn't an issue of being an adult verses being a child, and involve the right to do certain things because you're not old enough.  This is a fundamental act that people have been allowed to engage in for years and years and more years.  At what point do we recognize that all people should have the same rights and not be that some people have some rights.

I don't know what to say to those friends that want to get married and they can't.  What do you say to someone that is willing to protest their opinion so much that they're willing to obstruct someone else's rights to do something that they can choose to do at any given moment?  I wonder why it matters so much to individuals to try and revoke the rights of others.  This isn't concerning individual's health by banning people from smoking indoors.  It saddens me that this topic has been an issue and appears likely to be an issue for years and years.

I'm 6'5.  In knowing that, would that make people know whether or not to protest whether I should have all of the rights that we all deserve.  I'm 220lbs.  It seems pretty irrelevant, but perhaps it's something that protects my rights more so than others.  What if that's all that I declare?  What if that's what anyone declares?  Individuals still can't get beyond this notion of seeing or believing or following what they think is right.  This isn't an issue of individuals dancing illegally or keeping rough housers out of a bar or how a squire wants to marry a noble lady.  That's ridiculous right?  That's right; I just described Footloose, Roadhouse, and A Knight's Tale.  But perhaps this last movie is a little more similar to the topic at hand.  Individuals used to be able to marry within their own class and it was impossible for a "squire" to marry a "noble person."  Wait, it can't be possible that a time from hundreds of years ago (and a movie) can accurately describe the nature of today's problem.

If you didn't know me and I told you that I was married.  What would that mean to you...It shouldn't matter, because marriage is a symbol of two individuals joining together to be happy.  No one should have to prove any semblance of anything to be given that right.  I'm 6'5 and 220 lbs.  What do I say to someone that's the same height and same weight and can't have the same rights that I have?

I tell my friends, and individuals I don't know, that you should have the same rights I do.  Anyone should be able to marry anyone else and it frustrates me that this is not the case.  What will it take for people to be allowed the same things that I'm allowed?  Should people become 6'5?  Should people grow to 220lbs?  Shouldn't it be so simple even though it sounds so idiotic?  We hear the phrase "opposites attract" all of the time.  Perhaps we should clarify for those that didn't understand it was intended for personality and not gender.

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