Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Poem (inspired by Geek & Sundry)

I'm a big fan of Geek & Sundry and they've recently created the G&S Vlogs. One of these vlogs is about writing, with the latest post about poetry (via Nika Harper).  My introduction into any creative writing came from writing poems as a teen.  It's been a little bit of time since I've written a poem, since I've been working on the Weiland Kershaw series the past few years; so I've decided to participate and share a poem I wrote last night.

The moment my feet found the air,
a whispering hush of the wind
told me how my nature would change
and that I’d lose everything in a fleeting brush.

There wasn’t a glimmer of sun,
the ground held captive by cavernous light
a misstep sent my mind searching, scattered
for one final love to remember.

Trees twist, tumble, and fade away
as dark gray cliffs keep my company
until black roaring water arrives
for an unexpected date of unfulfilling destiny.

I feel her eyes leering down with the
memory I’ve been yearning for, a time
when life was long-lasting and liberating
as a soft, subtle first kiss should be.

There is no reason to see her in this;
a swirling, murky void in which I’m caught with
no beginning to see and a light that has
never fully formed around waning consciousness.

A smile leaps down like a rope and yet
my reach clutches emptiness as if
matching a fated beating chest
as fluid movement approaches determinedly.

Quickly floating air deviates time and space as
the fall becomes a photo trapped in one brief
heart-wrenching instant where memories
otherwise flee like water in an overturned glass

Her face begins to disappear as
the everlasting night creeps through
shallow breath and flickering eyes
with narrowing screams following battered sounds of the sea.

Certainty is just a figment,
fear fills my glassy eyes as an inevitable gloom
squanders any future thoughts of a life
bursting with boisterous laughter and love.

Skin tingles, breath falters, darkness lingers,
the absence of her company stations my regret
as a final splash nears without any net in sight,
no blanket to comfort the coming cold grip.

Vision becomes clear as spiraling dwindles away
looking up to the flat, dark ceiling with sense
of dread, remorse, and sudden satisfaction as
reality stirs my confidence from the terror.

A fan slowly twirls above unaware of the
devastatingly silent imagery that attempted
to corrupt joyously waiting years ahead, yet
only a reminder of the love I share
presents itself through the obscurity
with faint movement and shallow breath.

Under Cover of the Fall

by S. T. Lakata

I hope you've enjoyed this and please feel free to share any comments you might have for this piece.

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