Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Vlog Entry for Geek & Sundry

Some of you might not know this, but I'm a writer. I've published two books, currently finalizing a third, and hope to publish two books this year. Also, I'm very interested in extending myself socially. In using my author name, S. T. Lakata, I haven't really involved too much personal information; pictures, full name, get the idea.

Well, I've become a big fan of Geek & Sundry and they are looking for vloggers. I have decided to take a chance and create a video to submit to them and was emailed today that my video is "now moving on to the Community Feedback portion of the Geek & Sundry Vlogs vlogger search!"

They are looking for feedback from June 20 to June 27. People can post comments, vote daily, and share the video with others until they narrow it down to 30 vloggers. G&S is looking for 10 lucky participants to become part of their new channel and it would be absolutely amazing to be selected.

The topic for my vlog is "A vlog to discuss future episodes and what we would like to see our children get involved with in the "geek" world." My video is out there now and please feel free to watch, share, and post comments.

I am asking everyone to go to the website below starting tomorrow. Please vote every day and post comments on why you think my video is great and why you would love to see future episodes on such an amazing topic. Don't worry, I will send reminders. Thank you in advance, because this is a big step for me and sharing a little more of me to the world.

You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel and find out about future episodes.

Geek & Sundry Vlog Entry: S. T. Lakata

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