Monday, February 23, 2015

Go-to for Comic Books and Enthusiasm for Me: Amy Dallen

My nephew recently asked for help with finding comic books for him. This was HUGE for me. I grew up with comic books in my early-to-mid teen years. My knowledge of comic books used to be decent, but after many, many years, my time and desire to keep up dwindled. Recently (the past five years or so), I've decided what I want to be when I grow up; that's a writer. In loving to write and read and watch many things on the creative side, this obviously led me back to the wonderful world of comic books. And this world is ENORMOUS! I love the artistry, amazing colors, and storylines.

So, after collecting comic books again for the past few years (and a few Comic-Cons under my belt), this ask for help from my nephew should be a breeze, right? I am absolutely thrilled that he asked for my help, and I'm absolutely excited to have done some research and purchased a few (dozen) comic books for him. However, I must admit that my enthusiasm for comic books has been reinforced by an individual that I really enjoy following through social media. Her online presence with her love of comic books and everything tangled in-between makes me feel like I'm watching a best friend tell me about herself.

Amy Dallen is FANTASTIC! Her love and enthusiasm for comic books is so evident on her Geek & Sundry vlog, "Talkin' Comics." Let me get something straight, my knowledge of comic books is probably less than 1% of the overall scope of everything that is available. She seems to be on top of everything and perhaps that's why she's employed at House of Secrets. Anyone that comes into this shop and has a question, she can probably answer it without any hesitation whatsoever.

One of her most recent vlogs discusses comic books suitable for all ages. Wait, that's what I'm looking for with my nephew! Exactly. Amy knows the world of comic books and shares that knowledge so everyone can enjoy them; she might even sing a song here and there to express her excitement even more so.

Amy Dallen is a member of the Geek & Sundry Vlog family, and has been featured on the main channel too. She has produced over 50 of her wonderfully fun and informative episodes and it has become a must-see show for my online viewing.

Here is one of my favorite episodes when she interviewed stars at the Captain America: The Winter Soldier World Premiere. I had fun watching this, because you could see how much fun she was having at this event.

If I have to recommend comic books to anyone, I will tell them about Amy Dallen and her hit vlog series. Her knowledge and enthusiasm makes me want to be equally informed about the comic world, and it also keeps me excited with what I do. I love to write and create new characters and storylines, and a person like Amy keeps that love of writing alive, because when I see her excitement, it makes me realize I have the same excitement for writing books, blogs, and everything else associated with putting pen to paper (eh, or fingers to keyboard). @Enthusiamy's personality radiates and I only hope I can express the same enthusiasm with everything I do.

If you're looking for other avenues to follow Amy Dallen online, check out the following sites:

Talkin' Comics Weekly (via Geek & Sundry)
Talkin' Comics (via Geek & Sundry Vlogs)

For some clarification, Geek & Sundry has a main channel that includes shows like TableTop, Space Janitors, Caper, and many other programs, while Geek & Sundry Vlogs presents a ton of people that produce their own video blogs on a variety of topics. Amy Dallen's Talkin' Comics was popular enough to land her spots on both channels. Yeah, that's pretty cool.

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