Monday, June 15, 2015

It Will Never Change

To my wife, Meghan, the love of my life:

You mean everything to me. Despite when I was younger, and often feeling like I would never find you, it happened. Maybe it was excellent timing, or we were just fortunate to have great friends that allowed us to get together on a fun, Wilmington Beach trip; granted, the first hotel and my sun burn did not forecast our inevitable pairing, but perhaps it explains the years in-between; it just took my skin that long to heal.

Our life together is amazing. I love you and I love that you love me. I believe our relationship is what has made two amazing kids (so far ;-D). They love each of us so much and they adore each other. It's what makes our lives exciting and new every day; we get to watch them grow and become who they will be with our guidance to make sure they understand right and wrong, to treat each other (and everyone else) well, and to let them know it's okay to be silly when they're happy or retreat when they're angry.

Being a parent isn't easy, and I'm glad that it isn't. I need to know that we're doing it right and I can't imagine doing anything less than taking the time to teach them how to be truly wonderful people. And maybe along the way, they'll pick up your wonderful smile, maybe a mix of our height, and my glorious eyebrows that need to be trimmed because boy! can they go in every direction, much like my hair when I wake up in the morning.

I guess the point of this is to tell you that everything was, is, and will be worth being with you. You are the moon to my night, the shade to the sun, and everything else that can possibly express how much you mean to me and will always mean to me. It will never change.

And maybe things will seem like they're tough all of the time, because the kids get sick, or the house needs repairing, or sometimes it's just a bad day; but I know, with everything in me, every single day will be easy in some way. It will be looking at you. It will be us looking at our kids. That's the easiest part. Loving each other will never waver and loving each other will be what gives us relief every day, because how can we not look at our kids at some point and just hold our breath while thinking, "They are amazing, and I didn't think it was possible to love anything more." And it's the same comfort I find when I look at you.

Our relationship grows each and every day as they grow, and we will adapt to what comes our way. We will smile, cry (because I am that funny), and we will enjoy each other's company and laughter. I know it will be worthwhile, because the years with you and the years with our kids have made it all so exciting and I'm so looking forward to more of it in the years to come.

I love you so much! I love Adelaide and Marshall so much! That's what matters.

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