Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Start of Something Fun

As some of you may know, my wife Meghan is a teacher. She loves seeing her school kids' progress throughout the year, and it's great to listen to her talk about it because she gets so happy. Now that summer is approaching, she wanted to do something different to try and earn more money over that time. Seeing as she loves to teach, and she love love loves our two kiddos, she thought about becoming an Independent Consultant for Usborne Books.

I LOVE this idea! We wanted to get new books for the kids anyway, and this was the perfect opportunity to do that. We already had a couple of Usborne books, and the opportunity to do this seemed like perfect timing.

Meghan is very excited about doing this, because not only does it allow us to get some amazing books for our kids, we get to offer these books to our friends, family, and everyone else connected down the line. This seems like a really fun way to try and earn extra income for our family.

We have a site for people to search through our catalogue and order, but we also get to host parties. So you're saying we get to have fun hosting book parties with friends, family members, and anyone else that wants to attend, and this is part of the business?

And that's part of the reason why Meghan is so excited; we're starting our own business venture together. It didn't even occur to me until she mentioned it, and that's really cool. This adventure seems like a fun opportunity to share books with other people and offer some pretty cool discounts while we're at it. Plus, others can host book parties too.

Again, planning a party isn't necessarily easy, but I find it very entertaining. I like the idea of getting all of the little details together and seeing friends and family have fun together. Maybe we'll have a potluck dinner and door prize book party. Maybe we'll have a dessert and wine book party with episodes of "Friends" playing in the background. Maybe, just maybe, we'll have a book party wrapped around a game night.

Yes! Meghan has come up with a great idea for us to try and earn some extra cash, because overall we're really excited about getting to interact more with our friends all while sharing our favorite books. It sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Granted, this will take a lot of work, but that's not something we've really second-guessed. We'll try to put as much time and effort into this like any other thing we want to do well at; so here we are at the start of our very own business.

We're excited. We hope to earn some free books along the way; plus, we're thrilled that others have already offered to host, because hosting a party can get you free books and other special offers too.

Oh yeah, we had our first online book party tonight!

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