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New Middleport: The Senses of Weiland Kershaw - CH 5, Free Preview

Thank you for joining me in sharing another free preview of New Middleport: The Senses of Weiland Kershaw. If this is your first visit, the first four chapters are in my previous blog posts. Here is chapter five for your enjoyment.

Chapter 5 (1013)

Jay and Cole are looking at me in disbelief, wondering what I’m doing staring at a blank wall.  The section of wall is midway between the last condemned apartment and the corner connecting to the adjacent hallway.

One of the last things I was ever taught was the location of my “protector” and why the apartments were boarded up.  The rebellion came to its highest point right before I was born, but there turned out to be many spies within the OCP.  These spies gave locations of where rebels were all over the city.  It was a unified strike to attack all of them at once, with many of them in 1013 Lockport.  Some fled, most were killed, and all of the residences were boarded up and labeled condemned with some type of paint.  This helps thugs presently, because they would know if anyone broke into any of these heavily fortified and empty places.

I ball my hand into a fist and start swirling it around in a small circle on the plaster.  It made a slightly annoying noise, but it was quiet enough not to draw any attention.  It’s this location that I could always hear a slight surge of electricity, in the place I was told kept my protector.  My fist continued to swirl my skin raw for a few minutes until I heard it.  It was the sound of an electrical current being shut off.  My hand dropped down to my sides and I stepped back, truly not knowing what to expect.

I almost forgot that Jay and Cole were there holding Lawson up with blood spewing onto the ground.  There was a noticeable cracking sound coming from the wall and I stood back further.  The wall was still in tack, but then I heard movement beyond the area I had just been rolling circles.  Someone has moved to the door of the condemned apartment to my right.  The boards that cover the door and what I thought were nailed shut begin to slide into the wall, while the door cracks open.

Jay has realized that this location is the one thing I never told him.  He knew that I was designated a protector from my dad, but I was never truly sure if he understood why I never told him the location.   “I’ll be damned for sure now that I’ve seen this.”  Jay’s whisper widens the eyes of the woman I’m now facing in the doorway.  She pauses slightly at the sight of more people than she’d expected at her door stop, but she returns her gaze to me and looks at me expectantly.  The day has finally arrived and I’m facing this woman who has been waiting years to open her door for me.  I can’t help but smile to have such a feeling of connection with someone I’ve never met and ask the question my dad prepared me for, “What kind of day should all people fear?”

With a subtle and quiet voice, I hear my protector’s voice for the first time.  “Sunny ones.”

© 2011 S. T. Lakata

Stay tuned for another free preview this Sunday.  New Middleport: The Senses of Weiland Kershaw is NOW ON SALE and available on the Kindle and Nook.

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