Sunday, July 8, 2012

"She Just Roundhouse Kicked My..."

What are things that a pregnant woman says?  Yes, my wife is pregnant. She sometimes expresses herself in creative and funny ways.  For example, during a long car ride she might describe her need to use the bathroom as "mind over bladder."  It's not often that she says these things, but they serve her very well.  She really can laugh at anything and I'm glad that she can make light of things that might or should make her grumpy, cranky, or downright rude.  So how does this woman that's pregnant take charge of our baby girls' kicks of fury?  She describes them to me the best that she can and sometimes provides facial expressions that are an explanation in their own right.  There are "whoas" and wide-eyed "she's taking turns on the punching bag."

In most cases, I can provide relief for my wife.  Our baby owl decides (most of the time) to go into meditation as soon as my hand reaches the stomach.  I don't think of it as anything disappointing.  I consider it a gift.  And while I try to provide my wife some relief with my "gift" when the kicks are painful, I do my best to offer any words of encouragement that will help to ease the pain.  Now there are many things that are amazing, but so few (even ones that are painful) that provide such a sense of personal attachment.  One of those things is seeing your wife's stomach move and sometimes feeling your soon-to-be-baby kick.  And other amazing things just happen to be the words that fly out of my wife's mouth when she tries to describe that feeling she gets when our baby owl goes on a kicking spree.

"She just roundhouse kicked my vagina."  Yes, my wife is pregnant and she said that.

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