Saturday, April 9, 2016

A to Z Challenge: High Fives

High fives are what we do when the kids are excited or they’ve done something well. Duh – Captain Obvious right here.

What’s been interesting is how they’ve both taken high-fiving to a fun level. When Ads was younger, we’d sometimes give her a high five for having a good day and to say “deal” about getting a good night’s sleep so she can be great tomorrow. At some point, I’d put my hand out and she would just hold her hand up and not follow through.

She would start smiling, laughing, and slowly keep pulling her hand back until it was on top of her shoulder. So of course, I would just quickly high five her hand and she would crack up and eventually learn to try and hold my hand back to prevent my quick high fives. It was a fun way for Meghan and I to end the day, because it started while she was in bed while we were saying good night. Of course, this led to doing it all the time and it became a fun game for us.

Now with Marmar, he’s always been an enthusiastic high fiver. He wants to make sure he gets it and does it with force. Recently, while we were putting him to bed (possibly around the same age that Ads started her “revolt”), he did the exact same thing. He held his hand up to his shoulder instead of slapping my hand and he started laughing hysterically, especially when I did a quick high five and got his hand.

I always find it amazing when we see these similarities and think it’s so funny that they get amusement out of creating a game for themselves. I think these moments are some of my favorites.

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