Monday, April 18, 2016

A to Z Challenge: Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity knocks

As I’ve mentioned before, my wife works for Usborne Books. Meghan (mainly) does online book parties where the host invites family and friends and she introduces them to the wonderful world of great children’s literature that is Usborne Books.

It started right before last summer. We were about to buy new books for the kids when Meghan said she wanted to try and do something else to bring in extra money. She remembered attending an online book party for Usborne and looked them up.

The starter kit came with a TON of books, which we saw as the perfect opportunity to do it. We were going to spend that much money, if not more, on new books, and now we spent that money on books and starting a new business.

Since becoming an Independent Consultant, Meghan has already promoted to Team Leader and absolutely loves it. There are so many books with creative stories and fun illustrations, while being very good quality and durable. It makes it easy to want to do the “work” when the product essentially sells itself.

She has done a stellar job! If anyone happens to be interested in hosting an online book party, feel free to reach out to Meghan and she can fill you in on how easy it is to get FREE books from simply hosting a party.

Also, it's a pretty cool business name, "May The Books Be With You."

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