Friday, April 22, 2016

A to Z Challenge: Swimming


I really hope our kiddos get back to the pool soon. We started them with lessons last fall and they haven’t been back since mid-winter. I think swimming lessons are great for them. Meghan and I really want them to be comfortable around water. Not only do we think it can be a fun activity, but it could really be a healthy way of living moving forward.

If they’re used to the water and want to go more and more, we see that kind of activity as a big plus. Yes, parent mode for me can be quite heightened because I’m nervous with them in the water because they’re so young, but I do recognize that’s the point. They need to be acclimated at a younger age, so they’ll have the confidence as they get older (or at least I hope).

They did a fantastic job during their first go-rounds of lessons. Marmar loved the water from the beginning. While Ads took some time getting used to it during each of the first few lessons, she eventually was quite fine and eventually jumping off the side BY HERSELF!!!!

I wrote a post about this previously, and it still blows my mind. It amazes me to see our kids so brave and they just see it as having fun.

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