Saturday, April 16, 2016

A to Z Challenge: Nearly Five Years

Nearly five years

My wife and I will be celebrating five years of marriage this summer. I don’t know what we’re doing to celebrate, but I have a few ideas. I do know one thing we’ll be doing to celebrate. During our honeymoon to Antigua, we bought a bottle of rum and decided then and there we would savor it for our five year anniversary.

So that’s going to happen. I can’t wait to open it up and celebrate. We’ll get to reminisce about that wonderful tropical island trip, enjoy what we’ve accomplished since that point, and enjoy each other’s company at whatever restaurant or place we end up, locally or visiting another city.

I’d say it’s been a fantastic time. Busy of course, but fantastic nonetheless. Just to name a few points that are quite obvious, we have two amazing kids; we’re both happy with our day jobs; we’re both happy with our second jobs; Meghan works as an Independent Consultant for Usborne Books and I’m a writer, and part of my day job includes writing and editing, which always makes me happy.

I think Meghan and I will highlight some more points when we celebrate five years. J

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