Sunday, April 1, 2012

First Round Results, Second Round Begins!!

This rock song bracket is so much fun.  It has been so interesting to see what songs received votes and moved onto the second round.  Some songs moved on by getting all of the votes.  Some songs moved on by getting one vote more than the other song.  And there are quite a few songs that are all-time greats that won't be moving on.

Here are some of the song upsets (by artist):

The Killers beat Billy Joel
Fleetwood Mac beat John Lennon
The Verve beat R.E.M.

Now, that's only a couple of the upsets.  All number four seeds failed to make it to the second round, which means a loss for John Lennon, Derek and the Dominos (aka Eric Clapton), Oasis, and R.E.M.  Bruce Springsteen overpowered Paul McCartney and several bands didn't even receive a single vote.  Who didn't receive a vote?  Silverchair, Temple of the Dog, Metallica, and The Beach Boys.

Not including the previously mentioned, there were plenty of upsets and some flat out surprises with some songs that I expected to do better.  The last couple of days allowed Coldplay to overtake Stone Temple Pilots and Chuck Berry had to outlast The Animals by one vote.  Dave Matthews Band dominated Green Day, while Lynyrd Skynyrd crushed Cat Stevens by getting more votes than any other band.

This has been such a cool thing to do in my spare time and I appreciate everyone that has participated in this tournament of rock songs.  Today is the beginning of the second round, so please continue to vote for your favorite songs.  You can do so by viewing the bracket and then sending me your picks.  You can send me your picks through this blog, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.  Again, each round of voting will last one week, so send your picks and stay tuned.

Click below to see the bracket and move your favorite songs onto the next round:

One Band, One Song - Rock Tournament Bracket


  1. Picks and small analysis... Although I've heard all songs several times, I wanted to listen to each one head to head before making my picks. So to start, I pick Magic Carpet Ride but I view that as being an upset for some reason against Chuck Berry. Turn! Turn! Turn!, again though, I'd be surprised if the masses choose to advance it. That'll Be the Day, third in a row which I view as an upset pick (not looking at actual seeding). In an even matchup, I pick Purple Haze. Possible upset pick, Free Fallin'. A tough one for me, which I view as an even matchup, I pick Everlong. The next pick was very hard for me. I picked both to move forward in the first round. I have to pick Viva La Vida again because I just think it's tremendous and although well known by many, an extremely underrated song. I don't see it getting past Mr. Jones though. We shall see. Another where I picked both, but I'll go with Ant's Marching with ease in the next pick. The next was tough, I'll take Smells Like Teen Spirit though. Guns n roses next. Lightning crashes pretty easily for me after that. Next one, very tough. I initially wrote down 1979, but after listening to Better Man, I have to go with Pearl Jam. Bohemian Rhapsody next. Streets of Philly. Next up, Johnny Cash is my sentimental favorite but U2 has the better song here, so I go with U2. Lastly, I love that Roy Orbison song, but I have to pick Paint It, Black.

    I hope once this bracket is done you choose to do another one, I think a lot of these artists have so many songs to choose from and many people have different opinions on what is their favorite songs. So it would be interesting to see how more brackets played out.

    1. Thanks for your second round picks and I appreciate the analysis as well! I do plan on doing another bracket after this one and it might be based on my favorite songs. In this bracket, I decided against voting unless a tie-breaker was needed, but I think I'd definitely be a voter on a bracket with my favorites; however, I'd need to figure out an alternative tie-breaking method.

      Also, I do think this is really fun and will probably do multiple brackets, because it is interesting to see the opinions of others and how they will vote. I'm really looking forward to see how this bracket plays out.

      Thanks again for your message!