Monday, April 23, 2012

Rave Review of Roy's

Saturday night was a night for Meghan and I to celebrate us having a baby. We went to this great restaurant in downtown Baltimore.  Roy's is such a fabulous place with excellent food and fantastic service.  We each had fish, but we made sure that the fish that Meghan had was on the "approved list."  After such a great dining experience and all of the food shows that I (we) like to watch, I thought I'd blog about food.

Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine offers a wide variety of different menu items and I would love the opportunity to try each and every one of them.  I enjoyed crab and artichoke stuffed trout with crab fritters and Meghan had Parmesan crusted hake with lobster risotto and green beans.  This was the second time that we've been to this restaurant and it has already taken the place as my favorite restaurant.  The food is so fresh and flavorful and the atmosphere of the place has such wonderful ambiance that it reminds me of our honeymoon in Antigua. It's not too bright and all of the sounds of people talking seem to be of those that are just there to have fun and enjoy spectacular food or drinks.  Perhaps this is an added perk to Roy's, because I'll take that reminder every day of the week.

So that's a quick slice of fantastic foodage that I wanted to share.  Next, perhaps I'll talk about my never ending love of nachos or how cake, cookies, and brownies are just not the same without ice cream.  Or I could talk about the healthy food that I normally eat.

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