Thursday, April 5, 2012

Movie Time, Busy Time

Meghan and I got to see my sister and her family this past weekend.  And something that my sister and I always find time to do together is going to the movies.  We both had read The Hunger Games trilogy, so we went to see that movie.  It was great!  We were both really impressed with the movie and how it stayed very close to the book.  I am really impressed with the casting and look forward to seeing the next movie in the series.  And what movie will I see next?

It's been really interesting and tough trying to find time to do all of the things that I want to do.  I want to write and complete my second book.  I want to listen to music more often.  I want to keep the house clean.  I want to keep up with my blog.  And it's so amazing to see how things just seem to move so fast the majority of the time.  I just realized tonight that I only had restricted comment settings for my blog, which is something that I should've noticed immediately when I started this blog.  So obviously I have fixed that, but it's the little things that seem to creep up on me sometimes.

This weekend is a four day weekend and besides wanting to write, I'm really excited to get chores done.  I'm looking forward to getting grocery shopping done.  And even as I write that it makes me laugh.  How much of a dork am I?  Maybe I'll remember to turn on some music when I clean the bathroom.  Maybe.  Maybe I'll do another rock song bracket to listen to some favorites of my own or find some new music to like.

It all comes down to what I'll be doing tomorrow.  I'll let you know when I figure that out.

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