Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Proud Moment

Today marks six months since I published my first book. I can't help but feel happy and proud for doing something that I have always wanted to do; whether or not it becomes a huge hit among others, well that is still to be determined.  I try and look at my first book as a beginning, a beginning in hopefully a long-standing career as a writer.  I think of today as a moment that will remind me that writing the second book will not be as easy as the first, and the third will not be as easy as the second, and so on and so on.  In doing so, I hope this mindset will constantly challenge me to continue to write and not think of this accomplishment as some type of temporary thing where I feel satisfied with writing just one.

It seems that it's easy to get comfortable (or lazy) and put things off until that something you once wanted to do is no longer relevant.  I have never put much stock in feeling regret over things, because at some point in life we have to learn from our choices.  But, I do think that regret might creep into me if I were to stop writing.  Maybe that's just the pressure I put on myself or the desire I have to succeed at this.  I won't say that this book is my proudest moment.  My proudest moment, hands down, was knowing that Meghan would say yes.

I hope that this book is something I can always look back on and say, "This was the start of my career.  I made that happen."  And if that does happen, I'll frame this blog as a tribute to that success and you can hold me to that.

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